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Welcome to db Safe!

db Safe, LLC offers cutting-edge backup and disaster recovery solutions to the small-mid size business market with a focus on the Microsoft® SQL and Exchange database entities.  Our Backup Disaster Recovery appliances will backup ANY Microsoft Windows® application and database(s).  We provide solutions with a focus on database integrity that can either compliment your existing backup strategies or we can encompass all corporate data with a more comprehensive disaster recovery solution. 

Either way, we make sure your data is safe!

Instead of on-site tape or disk backup, the database
is backed up off-site to our secure servers via the internet where it is always available and always safe!

What is Online Database Backup?

A newly designed product offering was developed by db Safe specifically for Foundation for Windows® customers.  We backup your Foundation databases offsite so that if disaster strikes, you know your company can continue to operate.

Looking for a way to compliment your current backup strategy?  Let db Safe insure your Microsoft® SQL and Exchange database(s) are available 24/7/365 in case of any disaster.  We provide a means to safely backup your db’s online without daily intervention by the customer.


The application, along with configuration settings, dependent files and required system components
is packaged and streamed on demand to the user.

What is Application Environment
Online Virtualization?

In case of any form of disaster that leaves your company without the means to run Foundation for Windows®, we offer an online virtualized server with your latest company backup(s) that you can access from anywhere via the internet and a computer!  For example, a fire destroys everything in your building and fortunately you have a db Safe account.  You find a computer that is attached to the internet, log in to our special website and within seconds your companies appear where you can begin entering or retrieving data.




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